Tourism and Humanity

A two-way reflection on the impact of the coronavirus and its consequences on the global tourism industry and on people's lives.

Michel Durrieu | Gustavo Santos


Tourism and Humanity

THE DAY AFTER is a timely and precise contribution to the most human of productive activities: the journey as a symbol of man's freedom and the construction of his destiny.

The book goes through each sector of activity and analyses its consequences with a deep look in the mirror of society, offering a profound analysis of human behaviour and changes in society, their risks, and opportunities.

It is a path of questions that Durrieu and Santos, each from their own perspective and vast experience, answer plainly, fully covering the past, present and future of tourism.

The book analyses and reflects on the past, present and future of tourism in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on people, industry, and the world.

Michel Durrieu and Gustavo Santos discuss the sector's capacity for recovery and the times required, the great changes that the new traveller's culture will bring, the policies of states for the control of their borders, the impact on airline services and global tourist flows, the evolution of distribution channels and travel agencies, the transformation of the hotel sector, tourism in centres of agglomeration of people, the relationship between tourists and residents, the post-confinement and the rethinking of a new social dynamic, among other issues.

In the midst of the crisis that the pandemic has brought us in the first months of 2020, the question “Where are we going?” means more than the mere fact of choosing the next destination for our vacation.

If there is one positive thing in all this, it is that the crisis has offered us the opportunity to rethink tourism and give it a new shape.

Where do we want our sector to go? And how can we make sure that tourism not only achieves a growth projection again, but that it comes out stronger and better, both for people and for the planet?

As with most journeys, it is best to go in good company and have expert guides. Michel Durrieu and Gustavo Santos are both.

THE DAY AFTER is a celebration of what makes tourism and humanity great.

- Zurab Pololikashvili

Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (OMT)



Gustavo Santos

Professor and Bachelor of Arts (National University of Córdoba, Argentina), studied Business Administration and Public Management of Tourism (Andalusia, Spain), and holds a postgraduate degree in State Policy (Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA / Catholic University of Córdoba, UCC). He was Secretary of Culture, Education and Tourism and then Secretary of Government of the City of Cordoba (1991-1999), president of the Cordoba Tourism Agency of the Province of Cordoba (2007-2015), and Minister of Tourism of Argentina during the administration of President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019).

He organized in Buenos Aires the G20 Tourism Meeting and the annual WTTC summit. At the World Tourism Organization, he chaired the Commission on Budget and Programmes between 2015 and 2017 under the general secretariat of Taleb Rifai and was President of the UNWTO Executive Council (2018-2019) accompanying the management of the current secretary general Zurab Pololikashvili.

In 1996 he was honoured as "Knight of the Order of Academic Palms" by the French Republic and in 2018 he received the "Order of the Southern Cross of the Federative Republic of Brazil". He is a member of the "Order of St. James of the Sword".


Michel Durrieu

For more than two decades he served as General Manager of Nouvelles Frontières Spain and, for ten years, as International Director of its Internet subsidiary. He was Director of Marketing and e-Business in Spain and member of the strategic board of TUI AG in Hannover (2 years). In addition, he also held the role of Managing Director in Spain, Latin America, and the Mediterranean area of CWT (11 years).

He then became Director of Tourism at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representative of France to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) between 2014 and 2017, before continuing his work on territorial development as Director General of the Regional Tourism Committee of Nouvelle Aquitaine, the leading destination of the French (32 million tourists).

He is currently continuing his work as Special Advisor to the UNWTO Secretary General on sustainable tourism and territorial development. He is the author of "Tourisme, la France n°1 mondial" published by Le Cherche Midi. He is a professor at the Toulouse Business School and the Université Montaigne de Bordeaux. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Economy and Finance awarded him the prestigious French Tourism Gold Medal in 2020.

THE DAY AFTERIs a timely and precise contribution to the most human of productive activities: the journey as a symbol of man's freedom and the construction of his destiny.THE DAY AFTER

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The Day After: Tourism and Humanity / José Gustavo Santos; Michel Durrieu;

  Foreword by Zurab Pololikashvili (UNWTO Secretary-General).

Postface by Gloria Guevara Manzo (President and CEO of WTTC);

  - 1st edition abridged. Cordoba: Galeón, 2020

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